• how install 5.8_CLC_Protein_Workbench.pkg to iMac Pro

    CLC Protein Workbench

    Description: CLC Protein Workbench, CLC bio A/S, 60826 KB, Education, Teaching Tools


    While CLC Protein Workbench 5.8 is still available for download, it has been discontinued and replaced by CLC Main Workbench 6.6.2. CLC Protein Workbench is a software solution for scientists and lab researchers working with biochemistry. The program is based on the same user-friendly and integrated software environment as CLC Free Workbench and it includes the same data management features as CLC Free Workbench. CLC Protein Workbench is fully compatible with all other CLC workbenches, and data is fully and seamlessly transferable across Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms. Some analyses are - Alignments - Phylogenetics - Secondary protein structure prediction - Protein family analysis (PFAM) - BLAST - Dot plots - Hydrophobicity analyses - Searches on GenBank, Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL, and PubMed - Log of actions/analyses performed

    Updated MacOS CLC-Protein-Workbench-5.9-sbWk.dmg (65083 kbytes)
    Version High Sierra IjeV-v-5.10-CLC-Protein-Workbench.zip (69341 kbytes)
    Version to Mac 0ZE8_version_6.8_CLC_Protein_Workbench.tar.gz (51093 kbytes)

    CLC bio A/S
    Key for repack CLC Protein Workbench 5.8

    MacOS Urxa.vers.3.7.4.Smart.Reminder.pkg (29616 kb) 3.9.0
    10.14.3 H4X-PLAYWORDS-1.7.ZIP (33464 kb) 1.6
    Featured for Sierra (130252 kb)
    for Mac Pro VERS.10.0.0-BADIA-PAGEFRAME-FOR-INDESIGN-CC-2017-MNT.ZIP (516 kb) 9.1.0

    (59001 kb) Get 5.10 CLC PROTEIN WORKBENCH ITWV 5.9 Featured for 10.12.4
    (65083 kb) Free je1re CLC Protein Workbench ver. 5.10 5.12 to 10.13
    (55959 kb) Get 6.8 CLC PROTEIN WORKBENCH SDGWTA 5.11 Featured to 10.13.5

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